Road to Story Completion: Game 4 – Darksiders


What a relief! I have FINALLY completed Darksiders. Don’t take my phrasing of this as an indication that this was a torturous task. I enjoyed it very much but I did not expect to log 19 hours and 31 minutes on this. 16 hrs may have been possible if it was not for the few occasions where I got stuck. I had to take a break on these occasions and jump back into it with a clear mindset and as usual I blew right through it on the first try. I will never understand how that works, but I’m sure if I ask my wife (who’s working on a masters in psych) she’ll have an answer for me.


Although I enjoyed my time with Darksiders I am happy to be done. The story was very compelling and kept me interested right through to the end. The characters and environment were done really well and I was not initially expecting this to include puzzles. I’ve grown to enjoy puzzle games quite a bit since Portal and the amount of different abilities needed to solve them kept things interesting.

My only real complaint would be that I felt the game should have been done a couple of hours before it was. Truthfully I may have just forgotten something that was said prior to my break which lead me to believe I was closer to the end than I was. Because of this, however, the last two hours dragged on quite a bit. The story was still very good but it seemed to be filled in with a lot of busy work and back tracking.

This game is definitely worth playing through, but not something I would buy. I will most likely check out Darksiders 2 sometime down the road but not until after this years challenge is complete.

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