Why haven’t I seen a gamer on Hoarders?

My wife has to do a colloquium for school and was able to pick my home town (Jacksonville, FL) as the place to do it. We’ve been here for a couple days with about a week to go. While she does all her fun school work I’m tasked with keeping my son entertained and visiting family. Today we ended up at a flea market. A place I have not been in 6 years since I moved away. It’s not that there are no flea markets in Indianapolis, it’s that I don’t have the desire to visit them. Since it is what my Dad has chosen to do to make money we visited him there and my son and I took a walk around. I found myself extremely tempted by piles of old game systems. I’m not exaggerating either. I counted at least 8 original Playstations, and 2 Sega Genesis in 2 separate booths. There were at least 60 controllers ranging from Nintendo to PS2. I saw games ranging from the original Atari up to PS3 and I found myself nearly frozen. I asked if they had an NES since I would really love to have one again, but I came up empty handed. My son managed to talk me into buying him a Nintendo DS and a Spongebob game. That was totally worth the $55.

Because of how I felt seeing all of that nostalgia in front of me, I am really surprised that I have not yet seen a gamer with an amazing collection on hoarders. If I had the money and a way to transport it back that was not an already full Dodge Neon I probably would’ve purchased at least 2 of each system I saw and a good portion of the games even if I didn’t have the systems for them yet.


Now I remember…

I was supposed to be gaming more by now wasn’t I? Apparently that wasn’t up to me. My A/C went out, and my former landlord has sent me a bill for “move out fees” so time has been sucked away from gaming yet again.

I have however played some Disney Universe on Wii with my son. It’s a great family game that would go much faster if he fully understood the concept of teamwork, and not throw me off the cliffs repeatedly. He’s getting better though. I really like that it’s not entirely a story based game. It’s designed to be played for fun, and while there is a story element to it you just unlock whatever levels you want to play until it’s completed.

Aside from Disney Universe I’ve still been doing some mobile gaming. I will play anything that Amazon puts up for free at least once. I also completed Jet Pack Joyride 4 times before getting bored with it. I have since moved on to Zombie Farm. It’s a neat Farmville style game that allows you to of course grow and harvest Zombies to use for attacking others. It’s kinda goofy but if it tried to take itself seriously there’s no way it would work.

Adventures in Mobile Gaming

After I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Epic touch) I downloaded the standard games such as all Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. I also added OnLive expecting amazing things but that has turned out to be less than I had hoped for. Mobile gaming was never something I expected to be hugely popular with me. I figured the few time killer games above would pretty much be it. After we moved nothing has really gotten set up properly. We have no seating since we threw our couch away (it really had to go), and I’ve got the wrong TVs in rooms simply because I don’t want to carry a 27″ CRT upstairs. I expect that it will be replaced relatively soon anyway and carrying it back downstairs would be the last thing I want to do even on a day where I have nothing else to do. Since the best TV went in the master bedroom it seemed to make sense putting the PS3 there as well for Bluray and Netflix use. The Xbox is connected to the CRT in the living room and unfortunately there is no HDMI, and the component ports are damaged so I can only hook it up via composite and the video quality is horrible. The Wii(s) are still packed and although we’ve discussed hooking them up, it hasn’t been done yet. This separation of gaming systems coupled with the fact that there’s still rooms of boxes to unpack has left me with little time and desire to play anything on console lately. This, however, has not kept me from gaming. I’ve been doing a TON of mobile gaming lately, and it’s a damn good thing I know I don’t have much money otherwise I’d be buying a lot of them. So far I’ve purchased 2 games. Asphalt 7 which failed to run on my phone and Game Dev Story. My wife and daughter had been playing Cooking Story or some crap like that, I tried it and couldn’t stand it, but I had to check out GDS. After playing through the 4 year demo I couldn’t let it end and I have since completed the 20 year story 4 times. I’ve finally been able to put it down for more than a day, but I have to say it’s awesome. GDS has taught me what I want/expect from a mobile game. I expect them to be easy to pick up, play, and put down when needed. It’s also nice to have a game that draws me back to it repeatedly.

Until we get our new couch, and/or our media room set up with a new TV I will probably be doing a lot more mobile gaming. Everything is new to me so I’ve got plenty of options. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.

Kontrol Freek FPSFREEK CQC Signature Series

On August 21st Kontrol Freek will release their latest product, and I am happy to say that it’s a new version of the FPS FREEK CQC.
Last year, as part of their perfect arsenal set they released a version of these coinciding with the release of some of 2011’s best games. The previous version was a very simple gray design with nothing too impressive to note except for the smaller size. They featured a concave design, and a lower profile. Of the several sets of Kontrol Freek sticks I have these quickly became my preferred set, and I hoped it would not be the last of them.
This latest version features the same 1/4 shorter than the original FPS Freek sticks. Additionally, there are a few new things completely unique to this set. They are green, feature a combo of the convex/concave design for improved grip, and they are the only set to currently include the KF logo directly on them. Additionally Kontrol Freek designed these with a new rubber compound used on the grip surface – for even more control.
They will be priced at the very affordable $10.99 so be sure to grab a set or two!

Windwoes :-(

Well, it has been done. I have reinstalled Vista and all drivers successfully. Although the computer is running much faster than it did prior to dying it is not nearly as quick as Ubuntu. It will be missed, but at least I can use RDP for work this weekend. I can already feel the laptop running warmer under my hands than it did as a Linux machine. I’ve even had several programs stop responding. Even though it should be at it’s peak performance right now, it is just not as good as Ubuntu. I was already thinking that people could be easily converted to Linux if everything they used just worked. Then my own thoughts were echoed by Valve’s Gabe Newell. I hope they can get everything on Steam working on Ubuntu, that would definitely do wonders for the OS.

This was intended  to be posted a few days ago and my wireless network decided to start screwing up. Although it has been fine since my call to Comcast they are sending a  tech out Tuesday to look at things. Then a tech will be out again next Saturday to set us up in the new house. Since this is the big week for packing and moving, this will be the last post for awhile. Once we’re settled in the new house I will get back to gaming and hopefully writing reviews again.

Tony Hawk, Missing Windows, and New Galaxy

I am just about tired of Tony Hawk now… still love it, but I’ve mostly gotten the groove back with it, and as happy as I am that it was released I am ready to have the last few missions out of the way. All I have last is Sick score on Downhill jam and a few on Marseille then it is complete (as far as I’m concerned anyway).

I have also officially began missing Windows Vista. It’s not out of frustration with Ubuntu at this point or anything, just out of necessity. Everything I do at work is on Windows and therefore all of the applications used only work on Windows. I have to work an on-call shift this weekend and although I can borrow a laptop to use VPN, I prefer to remote connect with my faster and more reliable laptop. Unfortunately, the Citrix Client and RDP software do not work with Linux in their current configuration and I’m not quite up to the task of trying to make them work either. So, I’ve decided to make one final attempt at reinstalling Vista this week. If it doesn’t work I’ll just install Ubuntu again and happily continue learning it. However, if it does install I may be looking for a secondary hard drive for Ubuntu in the near future (I’m not up for partitioning my current one).

Today was pretty good for me. Not only was I carrying $20 worth of winning scratch off tickets (I spent 20 to win but still), but I saw a banner ad from Radioshack advertising Android phones $50 off with upgrade. Thinking that it was too good to be true, and out of habit, I didn’t click the link but went directly to the site. There was the option for Sprint, and I clicked it growing ever more skeptical that this was going to be what I wanted it to be. Then I saw the Samsung Galaxy S2 advertised for $99 just as it was on Sprints website. I selected it and entered all the information and saw the final price of $49.99. I placed the order and realized that after all the trouble my patience paid off greatly. I originally expected to spend $300 on phones, but ended up spending only $150 not including activations. So it turns out that there was a reason for me being the last to get one. It will be here tomorrow, and I can hardly wait to check it out. I just hope the Zagg Invisible Shields get here soon.

Ubuntu, Tony Hawk, and nostalgia.

Oh my god! Day 3 with Ubuntu, and although I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot on the computer I am totally warming up to it. My computer has never run faster than it is now. Of course, it might have run just as fast with a fresh install of Vista but who the hell knows. While writing this though I did come up with a 3rd thing to miss… I will now not have the ability to install Windows 8 when that is released. I was really looking forward to checking that out too.

Onto other subjects, I’ve been playing a TON of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD. That game is as amazing as I remember with only a few drawbacks. I really miss the Chicago skate park and I would love to revert. I know reverting came later but the muscle memory is still there and I try it every time. I haven’t been following the news with it either, but I know more levels are coming and I can only hope for Alcatraz. If I remember correctly I pulled some sick 10 mil combos there back on PS2. Those days with PS2 online using a 32kb dial-up connection feel like yesterday sometimes. THPS has of course taken me off my quest to complete everything by adding itself to the list. I’m just going for completing the career mode 100% here.

That is all for now.