Episode II

This post is slightly personal, but nobody reads this anyway so why am I warning you?

The universe is in a constant state of change. Most things that exist today will not exist in the same exact manner tomorrow. Plants grow, people age, and things decay. Most of this and beyond does not happen overnight. My life has recently taken a couple of seemingly drastic turns. Neither was completely expected and one is still in the process of occurring. My life up to the completion of this change I am considering Episode I.

Episode I was pretty good, but the final chapters of it have set me up for Episode II to be fucking amazing! If I handle things carefully I should be able to accomplish much of what I wanted to do in my early adult life. Some of it will begin very soon and a lot of it I hope to share on YouTube,

That is all for now and this may actually be all for this blog. I might just leave this in Episode and have YouTube be my sole blogging tool in Episode II.


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