I’m being converted…

I recently spent some time without a mobile device against my will. During that time I impulsively bought a first generation Google Nexus 7. This is not my first tablet, but is the first I will be keeping and making good use of. I’ve only had a true smartphone for a couple of years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, however, as someone who works on IT I’ve never felt that mobile devices could replace PC’s. I figured at best they could only supplement them. Now, here I am hours after unboxing my latest Glyde.com purchase, blogging on a tablet with my laptop 5 feet away. It is a bit of a challenge and mistakes are being made but I can now see the appeal.

In the past few hours I’ve been incredibly impressed with my experience. I decided that the best way to justify the dual mobile device ownership would be to allow my family use of it as well. I set my 6 year old up with a user account and downloaded some educational apps for him. Minutes later we were both on the couch together and he was practicing telling time. He currently has a Windows 7 tablet and struggles to use it, Although he can visit educational sites they don’t really work that well and mostly he just uses it for YouTube. A lot of time is also spent asking for help since it’s and OS designed for mouse and keyboard. With the Nexus it was a single explanation and he was moving along. Being the geek that I am you wouldn’t think that I was somewhat against children having tablets but I’m wishing I had gotten him one sooner.

Next, I showed my wife the kindle app and with the bigger screen  she finally agreed that she would be able to read ebooks. She’s the kind of person that would be perfectly content living in a library and I’ve tried hard to convince her to go digital so we can have more space. I’m glad she’s finally willing to make the shift.

The downside to this of course, is I will now more than likely be making 2 more purchases in the near future. I expect that my time will begin to become limited as the others start using this device. I also won’t have the freedom to root and play around with it as much as I wanted. Oh well, I will get to enjoy this beautiful display with games like Clash of Clans.


Be sure to keep an eye on http://youtube.com/cazzphoenix for the unboxing of the Nexus 7 I purchased I n http://Glyde.com

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