New cellphone and a Video Review of

Sometimes things happen and I completely forget about this blog.

My contract with Sprint finally ran out. This afforded me the chance to hopefully save a bit of money but most interestingly get a new phone! I ended up going with AT&T. I get a %20 discount monthly and my only real concern is data usage because everything else is unlimited. This is new to me coming from Sprint so I’m sure I’ll go over, I just hope it’s not too painful.

My family and I love the Samsung Galaxy line of phones. My wife, step-daughter and I all got Galaxy S2’s 2 years ago. My wife’s met an unfortunate end with a cracked LCD due to being in a long coat pocket and getting caught in a door. My daughter proved that they were capable of taking a decent beating. Although she had a case and screen protector neither were used very long because it looked so awesome and the screen felt weird with the protector on it. I on the other hand left the case and screen protector on for the duration of two years, only removing the case when cleaning it. The screen protector was finally removed when I sold it on and you can see how great the screen looks in the video below. Anyway, due to our loyalty to this line of phones I badly wanted another Galaxy. The S5 is around the corner but cost is an issue and I’m well aware I’ll never have the most recent device. I managed to get 3 refurbished S4’s free with a new contract. I absolutely love it and had only partially tapped into its potential before I realized mine has problems. After periods of heavy use, charging, or seemingly random times it will reboot, have a distorted ATT splash screen and either freeze or keep rebooting. I am having to send it back to get a replacement so this will leave me without a phone for at least a week. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to go.

Anyway, I did manage to shoot the following video review of with it. It had the problems described above when uploading to YouTube from the device but I moved it to my PC via USB and had  no trouble there. As you can see the video quality is amazing. The audio is far superior than my past videos shot with the S2 and an off-brand HD camcorder. I can’t wait to get my replacement (in working order) and begin doing more unboxing and reviews like this.

2 thoughts on “New cellphone and a Video Review of”

  1. I always forget about glyde! But I don’t usually have much to sell off either. We got Galaxy S4’s just about a year ago and I still really like mine. I hope the replacement works out for you, sucks you guys got a lemon.

    1. I’m sure it will be fine… it is incredibly tempting to see if they’ll let me pre-order an S5 at this point though with my newly opened contract. My family might be slightly pissed though lol.

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