The perks of last gen gaming

I am one of the many people who has not yet gotten one of the fantastic new consoles. I would be incredibly thrilled to have any of them because obviously I love games but secondly I love learning to use new tech. It’s unfortunate that my ability to afford new tech is never in line with the release of it. Right now is an amazing time to have the last gen consoles though. Those of us who have not gotten the next gen systems or those who opted to keep their old systems instead of trading them in now have a ton of affordable games to buy thanks to the used market. We may only have a few more new releases coming to us but as everyone is trading and upgrading the supply increases and the prices drop. I expect this to be the case for the next year or two and I plan on taking full advantage of it and getting as many under $10 games that I missed out on as I can. For instance, I just picked up Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for $8 including shipping from Glyde. I haven’t played a Tom Clancy Game since N64 because I used to hate stealth and squad games but am looking forward to this one. With my new found love of Assassin’s Creed stealth should no longer be a problem. The added bonus is it appears to be faster pace and less stealth… plus, it’s Ubisoft and yes I’m becoming a bit of a Ubisoft fanboy.

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