Review: The Wolf Among Us

the_wolf_among_us[1]  I haven’t posted anything for quite some time. I never stopped gaming, and I won’t say that life has gotten in the way of blogging but with limited time available it was either blog, or play games. I’m sure most anyone reading this would agree that playing a game, and experiencing the adventure within is far better than talking about the adventure I could be having if I wasn’t busy talking about it. Now, on with the review.

I am not into comics. I tried reading them when I was a kid and, maybe I had ADD or something, but I never got into it. It wasn’t easy for me  to follow for whatever reason. What I know about comics now is strictly from the recent movies, tv series, and brief ventures to wikipedia where I end up with 20 tabs open due to story arcs with other characters. In fact, it wasn’t until 5 minutes ago that I learned that The Wolf Among Us is based on the comic series Fables. The Wolf Among us is by Telltale games. The simplest spoiler free way to describe it is You’re  a cop investigating a crime and it every choice you make shapes the story. When I was a kid and still into reading books some of my favorites were the choose your adventure stories. This is similar with the exception of the fact that you can’t flip back to the previous page if you made a bad choice.

If you are looking for a game with lots of action it is definitely not for you. I would say 90% of this is dialog and it is for anyone who can appreciate a good story. The only action sequences are quicktime events and if this was an action game I would dislike that. What’s great is you can focus on the story and not trying to remember which button is block and which is punch.

I hate spoilers so this is as far as I go with it. I definitely recommend this game. It is episodic and episode 1 is free so please check it out. The remaining 4 episodes are about $15 total and I will definitely be purchasing to see what my choices have caused.

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