Review: Assassin’s Creed (not 3, the original)

Assassin's Creed
Assassin’s Creed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About 4 years after its release and my purchase of Assassin’s creed I have managed to play through it entirely. Although my loyalty currently lies with Sony, this was in my Xbox pile of shame.


Why the long wait? I was always drawn toward the series by the scenery and story line presented. The seed was planted for me to become a huge fan, but for some reason I could not grasp the controls. I would get to that first tower and struggle to climb, dying repeatedly. Once I finally made it to the top and the time came for that incredible, first leap of faith I would jump wrong and fall to my death. After I finally got past it the long walks between cities killed my interest and I put it away.


Why now? I would try it again with every new Assassin’s game release with the same result mentioned above. I never even assassinated the first target. I had been seriously considering purchasing Assassin’s Creed 3 since its release and just jumping into the story from there. The time period and Native American protagonist were an extra enticement for me but I had been putting it off due to the negative experience with the first. I finally decided to buy it off Glyde with my $15 credit. Since it takes some time to receive items bought on Glyde I decided that night to sit down and give Assassin’s Creed one final shot, and it’s been my nightly go-to game for the past week.


Thoughts? It is an incredible game. Even after 4 years I feel like the game holds up pretty well. I have heard others say that if you have not played it already, you should just start with Brotherhood, however, I am very glad that I did. I am very much looking forward to AC3 now and even more tempted to purchase AC2 before I play.


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