Wow, another fail by me.

I obviously have fallen off task. I have managed to pull myself away from Black Ops 2 near 2nd prestige but spring and life as a homeowner has caught up with me and I don’t have nearly as much game time as I did during the winter. I do manage to get a few hours in with my son but it’s usually Minecraft or something not exactly blog-worthy. I still hope to change that and I do expect to have at least one unboxing video up on this week. It’s nothing super new but I am very excited about it and actually ended up canceling my Ouya pre-order for it. What I had seen about the Ouya so far made me second guess the $160 purchase and rather than have buyers remorse after getting it I cancelled and ordered something I have been wanting for over a year, but more on that later.

EDIT: Also, I recently sold my Xbox copies of Battlefield 3, and Mortal Kombat. Since I am no longer paying for Xbox Live these are useless since Multiplayer was the only draw left. I used the credit from these to purchase Assassin’s Creed 3 for only $1. I never got into the series, but the time period got me interested.

2 thoughts on “Wow, another fail by me.”

  1. SO glad you canceled that Ouya pre-order. I finally started reading into peoples’ time with the kickstarter/dev version and it didn’t look or sound fun at all. I hope this mysterious new purchase is more fun and rewarding!

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