I’m ashamed of myself

Well, I suck. It is becoming even more unlikely that I will ever accomplish my goal of beating the 50+ games I have gotten free. They keep piling on.  The recent addition of Vanquish and Spec Ops are two games I have wanted to play for quite some time, but I am finding it ever harder to pull away from Black Ops 2 and focus on the goal. I was initially going to stop once I prestige but I’m 3/4 of the way there again. Obviously I’m in a rut, and I realized something. The first couple of weeks into the challenge I did amazingly. It is also when I tried out Onnit Alpha Brain. Although I didn’t experience everything that has been reported with it I think it helped me out more than I thought. I would like to give it a shot again and see what happens, but I can’t justify spending the money to do so.
I will get back to the challenge soon; I’m making things worse for myself by dwelling on it and not just doing it so it will be done. I expect to begin working on Spec Ops this week.

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