Thoughts on the Playstation 4 announcement

My fandom of Playstation is still relatively new, but I was very excited about tonight’s announcement. Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned before, my PC sucks and it made the stream very difficult to watch. I missed the big reveal because every stream I tried lagged horribly and I couldn’t even get my PS3 to connect to my router for the first time ever.

Overall I felt the announcement was pretty lackluster. Due to the various leaks over the past month there weren’t any big surprises. This is probably why it was announced early on. Having the specs confirmed is great and all but who really cares about the specs? I work in IT and I love computers, and I get that it’s really the only way they can say what it’s capable of, but none of it means anything until we get our hands on the system and the games developed exclusively for it. Only then can we really see what the machine can do. On that note I’m going to break down some of the announcements below and what I like/dislike about it. I’m not addressing sequels or anything that’s not new (at least to me).

Knack – I feel like this should not have even been part of the announcement. I don’t understand why after all the specs they listed, they show a game with the animation style Knack has. I’m not saying it can’t be a great game, it could have the most amazing gameplay and story ever, but I lost interest as soon as I saw what it looked like. It’s like using an HD TV to watch old looney toons.

Diablo 3 – Cool, never played Diablo due to my crap PC but I’ve always been curious.

Destiny – *Sigh* This did not belong here either, and especially not as the final announcement. We knew this was coming a couple of days ago when Bungie said so. I am really looking forward to this game, so much so that I’ve already had the preorder set in my cart, but I thought about the PS4 and realized that I didn’t want to commit not knowing whether or not I’ll be buying a second copy down the road for it.

That was the notable announcements for me. I’m not disappointed that they didn’t show the console. It’s pretty much certain that it will either be black or white, have the PS4 logo in blue, and will play games. I am disappointed that they didn’t name the price… probably waiting for Microsoft to drop the info for 720 (or whatever) first, but I’m a couple of weeks away from my tax return and was hoping to set aside the money if it’s under $500. If it’s over that, I’m getting a new TV and working on my media room slowly until the price drops a little.

If there’s something I didn’t address that you would like to know my opinion on leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to discuss it.

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