Oh crap, I forgot, I’m blogging again…

Okay, maybe I didn’t forget. Maybe I just forgot to finish Space Marine?

Alright… here’s what really happened. I jumped on Black Ops 2 because I really needed a multiplayer fix. I figured I’d do horribly because I hadn’t played in awhile and the exact opposite happened. My team may not always win but I certainly do. I don’t think I’ve had less than an even K/D ratio in the past week. I finally found the best combination of weapons for me. I go with 2 primaries, 2 perks, and no tactical or lethal items because I rarely do anything useful with them. I will get back to Space Marine soon but it’s very hard to give up when you’re going 28/3 or 15/1.

You understand… right?

Also, I’ve been trying to use the in-game streaming option on Black Ops but apparently my connection is crap and it will never work. I do hope to get a new PC sometime soon so I can have video updates to go along with this blog. I also learned over the past couple of weeks that my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is more capable of rendering videos than my computer… that’s a problem.


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