New thoughts on the Metro interface

xbox%20metro[1]I’m still working on Darksiders, game 4 of the Road to Story Completion. Although I’ve pledged my allegiance to the Sony Playstation I still own an Xbox and Wii. Since those are in the living room they’re mostly played by my son and I, of course, join him when possible. Somehow he’s gotten me hooked on A World of Keflings and aside from dropping in on his game, I’ve played a bit on my own. Having been dedicated to Playstation for half of a month now I am seeing the Metro interface in a new light. Previously I had no issues with it and for the most part I liked it. To me it seemed very straight forward, but there is a lot to say for a mostly text based menu system like that of the PS3. Microsoft really is trying to throw as much in your face as possible and it actually is overwhelming. I’ve been frustrated with the amount of advertising they do even to their subscribers already, but you can’t go anywhere without them trying to pull you in another direction. The sad thing is, it actually works. I spent about 15 minutes checking other stuff out when all I really wanted to do was go to my games and launch WoK. I have no doubt that they are able to tell how much time people spend sidetracked, but if they keep pushing non-game content on gamers they will begin to lose more of their customer base.

EDIT: It occurred to me that I’m playing World of Keflings so I made the correction.

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