Road to Story Completion: Game 3 – Shank 2

The official Twitter account for Playstation posted yesterday that Darksiders will be available free for Playstation Plus subscribers on 1/15. I’ve wanted to play it for a while, so to make sure I could jump right into it I picked a short game for #3. That game was Shank 2.


I played a few minutes of Shank 2 when it was first released on PS+. I thought the art style was great, and the cut scenes were amazingly gory. Having spent my childhood with side-scrollers and beat-em-ups  I typically put games like this down after a matter of minutes, however, the mission kept me focused. Although it is short and the fights are repetitive, the changing environment and obstacles keep you thinking and interested.

I do have two complaints. First, the female protagonist Corina needed more gameplay. You take her through one level and she is a bad ass! I’m not sure if I was just in the zone or if it was her but it seemed like every button press was a hit or counter and I was very close to finishing her level without damage. Second, and I have a hard time complaining about this… the final battle was too easy. A few of the early battles I had to restart several times while this one I completed with only half damage.

Overall it was a fun game. I played on Normal difficulty which is what I’m doing for most of this story completion challenge and I will not go back for Hard difficulty on this one. I will probably not go back and play this at all, but if you’re in the mood for a good side-scrolling beat-em-up you should definitely check it out. I finished it in 3.5 hours which is about par according to I did not spend time exploring, just ran through and found what was on the way.

Raptr Gamercard

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