Road to Story Completion: Game 2 – Quantum Conundrum

41128_3048_front[1]Just as I thought I might, I completed Quantum Conundrum last night. It took approximately 2 hours to finish up. If you’re not familiar with it, the game was directed by Kim Swift who directed the Portal series. As I said previously I love Portal and had to check this out when I heard the news, but I ended up waiting until it became free on Playstation Plus.

The writing is not at all on par with Portal; however, there are blatant similarities between the two games. While Portal has test chambers that the player moves through, Quantum Conundrum has rooms in a house owned by your crazy scientist uncle. The constant voice of Glados is of course missing, but you get the voice of your Uncle who is stuck in a pocket dimension waiting for your rescue.


Despite the lack of Portalness to this game I thoroughly enjoyed it. It does a very good job at training you to use the different dimensions throughout the game. You will end up with a total of 4 dimensions at your control; heavy, fluffy (light), time, and gravity. You get these in several stages as the difficulty gradually increases over time. I had very little trouble with most, but I will admit that I got completely stuck and had to look up the solution one time. After seeing how dumb of a mistake I was making I was good through the rest of the game.

As I do with Portal I will probably play this again on occasion and potentially go for a couple of the challenge trophies since there are only 16 total. During my challenge of beating all the free PS+ games, however, I will move on and not look back. If you have not played this already, I highly recommend it. Of course, if you’re a PS+ subscriber you have no excuse for not playing.

When I turned the game off I saw one of the Tomb Raider movies on Showtime… I’m thinking about taking that as a sign for the next game in line. I’ve never completed more than 1 level in a Tomb Raider game though, and would be happy to hear your suggestion for the next to play.

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2 thoughts on “Road to Story Completion: Game 2 – Quantum Conundrum”

  1. Quantum Conundrum was not a game for me, I'll leave it at that but if you're looking for a Tomb Raider to play (didn't you get one of them free? I forgot to check for it!) try Anniversary. It's a great update of the original game without having to go back to the horrible PS1 graphics and then you'll know how it all started. Or just play Guardian of Light unless you already finished that. It was surprisingly good!Also, I think these comments are double posting?

  2. There is a free Tomb Raider on PS+. I can't remember the title off hand but that would be the one I played. There's a top-down one too but that wouldn't be first on the list. Darksiders is next anyway, I've been looking forward to that and it just got released free on PS+ 🙂

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