Road to Story Completion: Game 1 – BioShock 2

BIOART1[1]If you don’t know me, and I assume most people reading this won’t. I’m a big fan of first-person shooters. I’m only a mild fan of RPG’s. Whenever any game combines the two styles I have trouble with it. In any case I decided to start my road to story completion with BioShock 2.


I had tried the first game long ago on Xbox, and never got into it. I feel like both have a pretty slow pace. If I had not previously set the goal of completing it I probably would’ve given up. However, I stuck through it and after the first level I was hooked and wanted to complete it. I very much like the moral decisions that have to be made throughout the game. I also think it’s great that it gives you good reason to go with either decision causing a real moral dilemma. I ended up playing about 2 hours a night finishing in 4 days. I might have spent more time on this than others who have played it because I was trying to collect everything I saw not realizing until 3/4 in that there is no inventory and items are used right away. The last night was a 5-6 hour stretch. I felt like the end was right around the corner and every time it wasn’t I did the standard “Okay, just one more..” until it was over.

I did not get the best ending, and I wasn’t trying to. I simply wanted to play the game and do what was necessary to make it to the end. I didn’t try to rescue every little sister but I didn’t harvest them all either. This gave me the Abandoned Evil ending. I looked up the others on YouTube afterwards and there were parts of each that I liked so I would’ve been satisfied either way.

There is a small chance that I might play again in the future. Now that I know the game mechanics I feel like I could stand to do a little more exploring and deal with all the little sisters in some way. There were many areas that I know I missed because I did not want to stray to far from the main path, but the parts I did explore lead me to believe that it is fairly linear anyway and there’s not much chance that I will actually get lost. For now the game has been deleted from the system to make room for others. I have completed the task with this one and would rather have the space for whatever is released next month.

What’s Next?

Quantum Conundrum is my next to be completed. I love the Portal series and wanted to play this since I heard it was by the same creator. I checked out the demo and enjoyed it but never bothered to make the purchase. Fortunately PS+ came to the rescue and released it for free. I have been playing since it’s release on PS+ so I am already halfway through. I imagine that I will complete it within a day or two.

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2 thoughts on “Road to Story Completion: Game 1 – BioShock 2”

  1. I didn't think there'd be so many different endings. Now I'm not sure which one I got. I saved all the Little Sisters and didn't harvest any so I assume that was "best". Oh, I did finish off the crazy monster scientist guy but spared everyone else. Also, I missed subscribing to your site so I'll try to catch up on your posts this week!

  2. I wouldn't bother catching up. Until now there has been a lot of "here's why I'm not gaming" posts lol. I would think yours would have been the good ending although from what I saw I didn't care for part of the good ending. I am curious how the rest of the game played out for you since you saved almost everyone. There was one OMG shocking moment in mine that I would think yours did not have. The endings I watched on YouTube were the last 2 minutes and not the last 30 that I think could drastically change based on decisions made. I also killed the monster scientist, but I spared everyone else I met. I only harvested 2 little sisters but I didn't go out of my way to find all of them either. I learned that near the scientist room I could leave, and walk back in and have a big daddy to fight right away so I took full advantage of that and got them all. I even did it after I found them all to see what would happen and sure enough, big daddy was right there… but he looked awfully lonely peering into the vent lol.

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