It’s 2013 and I’m on a mission.

playstation-network-logo[1]I’ve acknowledged to myself a long time ago that I have a pretty bad case of ADD when it comes to gaming. In most other areas of my life I can focus on and complete tasks, but when it comes to gaming I seem to only be able to complete things about 20% of the time. Based on an article I read recently I know I’m not completely alone in this. The author of that article believes it could be due to the number of choices. I too have taken a good long look at my stack of games, and although many are not completed and some I’ve never started I decide that I have nothing to play and fall back on a game of multiplayer in Halo or Call of Duty. The list of incomplete games has grown exponentially since Sony has begun giving out games for free to Playstation Plus subscribers. So, I decided that the best course of action was to pick a group of games and set a goal to complete them. My choice was the free Playstation Plus games I’ve amassed in the past year. In addition to this will be any new games I happen to purchase.

There must of course be exceptions, and here they are:

  • I hate sports, therefore I cannot include sports games.
  • Classic Playstation games do not count.
  • Vita is out, unless I get a Vita.
  • 8 and 32-bit games are out. Sorry, I played enough of those as a kid.

I will also do a small write-up on my thoughts at the end of each game. Since this was all decided half-way through Black Ops II I will not be writing about it. It was a good game, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I will write more about other games as I play them. I have also completed BioShock 2, I will write another post about that later today.

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