I’d rather be gaming…

This blog has almost permanently found a place as an “I’d rather be gaming but…” blog. Despite having to get the AC/heat fixed twice, car once, and clothes dryer twice I have managed to get some gaming in. The dishwasher seems to be broken now but prior to that I picked up and have been playing Halo 4. I quickly and stupidly got hooked on multiplayer as usual. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on campaign, but I really like the direction 343 has taken things. I wasn’t too thrilled about the Call of Crysis changes to multiplayer at first but they’ve grown on me and I can now accept it as the new normal for the Halo franchise. I do like the campaign so far. The story, as always, is very compelling, but I tend to discourage myself from playing by starting on and sticking with a solo heroic run when I should probably just blaze through on normal.

No, I will not be playing Black Ops 2 any time soon. I actually purchased a copy with the $25 off code that came with Halo but the intention is to sell it to a friend who was going to buy it anyway. This way I get most of the money back from Halo. I will eventually get BLOPS2, I was going to give up on that franchise altogether because I hate their constant push of new games, but the futuristic setting appeals to me. When I do purchase it I will get it on PS3 as I try to further distance myself from Xbox fandom. That, of course, is not an easy task since both Halo and Gears of War are Xbox exclusives.

That will be all for this update. As always I hope to be gaming more soon, and I would love to get back to doing actual reviews so if you stop by send some luck my way or else I might have to officially turn this into a home ownership sucks blog.

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