Why haven’t I seen a gamer on Hoarders?

My wife has to do a colloquium for school and was able to pick my home town (Jacksonville, FL) as the place to do it. We’ve been here for a couple days with about a week to go. While she does all her fun school work I’m tasked with keeping my son entertained and visiting family. Today we ended up at a flea market. A place I have not been in 6 years since I moved away. It’s not that there are no flea markets in Indianapolis, it’s that I don’t have the desire to visit them. Since it is what my Dad has chosen to do to make money we visited him there and my son and I took a walk around. I found myself extremely tempted by piles of old game systems. I’m not exaggerating either. I counted at least 8 original Playstations, and 2 Sega Genesis in 2 separate booths. There were at least 60 controllers ranging from Nintendo to PS2. I saw games ranging from the original Atari up to PS3 and I found myself nearly frozen. I asked if they had an NES since I would really love to have one again, but I came up empty handed. My son managed to talk me into buying him a Nintendo DS and a Spongebob game. That was totally worth the $55.

Because of how I felt seeing all of that nostalgia in front of me, I am really surprised that I have not yet seen a gamer with an amazing collection on hoarders. If I had the money and a way to transport it back that was not an already full Dodge Neon I probably would’ve purchased at least 2 of each system I saw and a good portion of the games even if I didn’t have the systems for them yet.

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