Now I remember…

I was supposed to be gaming more by now wasn’t I? Apparently that wasn’t up to me. My A/C went out, and my former landlord has sent me a bill for “move out fees” so time has been sucked away from gaming yet again.

I have however played some Disney Universe on Wii with my son. It’s a great family game that would go much faster if he fully understood the concept of teamwork, and not throw me off the cliffs repeatedly. He’s getting better though. I really like that it’s not entirely a story based game. It’s designed to be played for fun, and while there is a story element to it you just unlock whatever levels you want to play until it’s completed.

Aside from Disney Universe I’ve still been doing some mobile gaming. I will play anything that Amazon puts up for free at least once. I also completed Jet Pack Joyride 4 times before getting bored with it. I have since moved on to Zombie Farm. It’s a neat Farmville style game that allows you to of course grow and harvest Zombies to use for attacking others. It’s kinda goofy but if it tried to take itself seriously there’s no way it would work.

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