Adventures in Mobile Gaming

After I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Epic touch) I downloaded the standard games such as all Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. I also added OnLive expecting amazing things but that has turned out to be less than I had hoped for. Mobile gaming was never something I expected to be hugely popular with me. I figured the few time killer games above would pretty much be it. After we moved nothing has really gotten set up properly. We have no seating since we threw our couch away (it really had to go), and I’ve got the wrong TVs in rooms simply because I don’t want to carry a 27″ CRT upstairs. I expect that it will be replaced relatively soon anyway and carrying it back downstairs would be the last thing I want to do even on a day where I have nothing else to do. Since the best TV went in the master bedroom it seemed to make sense putting the PS3 there as well for Bluray and Netflix use. The Xbox is connected to the CRT in the living room and unfortunately there is no HDMI, and the component ports are damaged so I can only hook it up via composite and the video quality is horrible. The Wii(s) are still packed and although we’ve discussed hooking them up, it hasn’t been done yet. This separation of gaming systems coupled with the fact that there’s still rooms of boxes to unpack has left me with little time and desire to play anything on console lately. This, however, has not kept me from gaming. I’ve been doing a TON of mobile gaming lately, and it’s a damn good thing I know I don’t have much money otherwise I’d be buying a lot of them. So far I’ve purchased 2 games. Asphalt 7 which failed to run on my phone and Game Dev Story. My wife and daughter had been playing Cooking Story or some crap like that, I tried it and couldn’t stand it, but I had to check out GDS. After playing through the 4 year demo I couldn’t let it end and I have since completed the 20 year story 4 times. I’ve finally been able to put it down for more than a day, but I have to say it’s awesome. GDS has taught me what I want/expect from a mobile game. I expect them to be easy to pick up, play, and put down when needed. It’s also nice to have a game that draws me back to it repeatedly.

Until we get our new couch, and/or our media room set up with a new TV I will probably be doing a lot more mobile gaming. Everything is new to me so I’ve got plenty of options. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Mobile Gaming”

  1. Stair Dismount, or just Dismount is the only game on my phone I've ever paid money for. It's an expanded version of the old flash game where you poke a ragdoll but this new version looks fantastic and has loads of stages. It's probably more fun with people to pass it around to, trying to outdo each others scores but it's always a good time.

  2. Not sure what flash game you're referring too but I'm downloading it on my phone now to see what it is 🙂 You should check out Game Dev Story if you haven't already.

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