Kontrol Freek FPSFREEK CQC Signature Series

On August 21st Kontrol Freek will release their latest product, and I am happy to say that it’s a new version of the FPS FREEK CQC.
Last year, as part of their perfect arsenal set they released a version of these coinciding with the release of some of 2011’s best games. The previous version was a very simple gray design with nothing too impressive to note except for the smaller size. They featured a concave design, and a lower profile. Of the several sets of Kontrol Freek sticks I have these quickly became my preferred set, and I hoped it would not be the last of them.
This latest version features the same 1/4 shorter than the original FPS Freek sticks. Additionally, there are a few new things completely unique to this set. They are green, feature a combo of the convex/concave design for improved grip, and they are the only set to currently include the KF logo directly on them. Additionally Kontrol Freek designed these with a new rubber compound used on the grip surface – for even more control.
They will be priced at the very affordable $10.99 so be sure to grab a set or two!

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