Windwoes :-(

Well, it has been done. I have reinstalled Vista and all drivers successfully. Although the computer is running much faster than it did prior to dying it is not nearly as quick as Ubuntu. It will be missed, but at least I can use RDP for work this weekend. I can already feel the laptop running warmer under my hands than it did as a Linux machine. I’ve even had several programs stop responding. Even though it should be at it’s peak performance right now, it is just not as good as Ubuntu. I was already thinking that people could be easily converted to Linux if everything they used just worked. Then my own thoughts were echoed by Valve’s Gabe Newell. I hope they can get everything on Steam working on Ubuntu, that would definitely do wonders for the OS.

This was intended  to be posted a few days ago and my wireless network decided to start screwing up. Although it has been fine since my call to Comcast they are sending a  tech out Tuesday to look at things. Then a tech will be out again next Saturday to set us up in the new house. Since this is the big week for packing and moving, this will be the last post for awhile. Once we’re settled in the new house I will get back to gaming and hopefully writing reviews again.

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