Tony Hawk, Missing Windows, and New Galaxy

I am just about tired of Tony Hawk now… still love it, but I’ve mostly gotten the groove back with it, and as happy as I am that it was released I am ready to have the last few missions out of the way. All I have last is Sick score on Downhill jam and a few on Marseille then it is complete (as far as I’m concerned anyway).

I have also officially began missing Windows Vista. It’s not out of frustration with Ubuntu at this point or anything, just out of necessity. Everything I do at work is on Windows and therefore all of the applications used only work on Windows. I have to work an on-call shift this weekend and although I can borrow a laptop to use VPN, I prefer to remote connect with my faster and more reliable laptop. Unfortunately, the Citrix Client and RDP software do not work with Linux in their current configuration and I’m not quite up to the task of trying to make them work either. So, I’ve decided to make one final attempt at reinstalling Vista this week. If it doesn’t work I’ll just install Ubuntu again and happily continue learning it. However, if it does install I may be looking for a secondary hard drive for Ubuntu in the near future (I’m not up for partitioning my current one).

Today was pretty good for me. Not only was I carrying $20 worth of winning scratch off tickets (I spent 20 to win but still), but I saw a banner ad from Radioshack advertising Android phones $50 off with upgrade. Thinking that it was too good to be true, and out of habit, I didn’t click the link but went directly to the site. There was the option for Sprint, and I clicked it growing ever more skeptical that this was going to be what I wanted it to be. Then I saw the Samsung Galaxy S2 advertised for $99 just as it was on Sprints website. I selected it and entered all the information and saw the final price of $49.99. I placed the order and realized that after all the trouble my patience paid off greatly. I originally expected to spend $300 on phones, but ended up spending only $150 not including activations. So it turns out that there was a reason for me being the last to get one. It will be here tomorrow, and I can hardly wait to check it out. I just hope the Zagg Invisible Shields get here soon.

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