Ubuntu, Tony Hawk, and nostalgia.

Oh my god! Day 3 with Ubuntu, and although I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot on the computer I am totally warming up to it. My computer has never run faster than it is now. Of course, it might have run just as fast with a fresh install of Vista but who the hell knows. While writing this though I did come up with a 3rd thing to miss… I will now not have the ability to install Windows 8 when that is released. I was really looking forward to checking that out too.

Onto other subjects, I’ve been playing a TON of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD. That game is as amazing as I remember with only a few drawbacks. I really miss the Chicago skate park and I would love to revert. I know reverting came later but the muscle memory is still there and I try it every time. I haven’t been following the news with it either, but I know more levels are coming and I can only hope for Alcatraz. If I remember correctly I pulled some sick 10 mil combos there back on PS2. Those days with PS2 online using a 32kb dial-up connection feel like yesterday sometimes. THPS has of course taken me off my quest to complete everything by adding itself to the list. I’m just going for completing the career mode 100% here.

That is all for now.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu, Tony Hawk, and nostalgia.”

  1. I remember digging up some USB-to-ethernet box to plug into the PS2 to play Tony Hawk 3 online. Seeing other real people skating around in MY game on MY PS2 was mind blowing. It's really the first time I had gotten a console online and shouldn't have been that amazing since I'd been doing the same for years on PC, but it was!

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