Being nice doesn’t always pay off…

My luck this past week or so has not been so good. After getting my family super excited about the Samsung Galaxy S 2, they went on sale buy 1 get 1 free. This was amazing and prompted me to buy them right away as opposed to waiting. I told everyone, started to order and realized that Sprint now charges an additional $10 per line for smart phones on top of the $15 already required. This put me off buying them for a couple days, and after trying my best to work out a deal with Sprint I caved and started to order again, it was then that I realized I will also be paying $36 to activate each phone and they were only $99 AFTER rebate. Eventually I decided I would go ahead and buy only their phones, keeping my Blackberry for a little while longer. I called, started to order and the call was lost. Finally the next day I completed the order online and yesterday the phones were here. I’ve been watching them both play with and enjoy them. I’m not going to lie, I am jealous and wish I had mine right now. What makes this worse is the fact that my computer decided to stop functioning yesterday after I downloaded software to try helping my wife move her contacts off the palm pixi. This ultimately was not needed, and I’m pretty sure is the cause of the repeating BSOD. I eventually got it to boot, moved a couple things to Google Drive, and tried to reinstall Vista. For some reason, it tells me that Vista cannot be installed on my current hardware. After several failed attempts I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and here I am. I don’t know what to do.. I guess I’ll finally learn how to use Linux, but I really wish Vista would allow me to reinstall it. If I can’t get that to work I’ll likely be making a PC purchase within the next year, and it must play games.

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