While staring at my collection of games both on disk and downloaded, I  thought to myself “I don’t have anything to play”. In that moment I realized that it is completely untrue. I don’t have a large collection, maybe 60-100 games. There are quite a few that I have no interest in, and they’re only here for others in my family. However, I have not completed a lot of mine. I finished the important ones such as Gears of War 3, Portal 2 and all Halo (except anniversary edition), but many of the XBLA and PSN freebies remain unfinished. So I made  a spreadsheet listing every game I have not finished, and a few that I have not yet played and would like to. I’m starting in a somewhat alphabetical order with the games I have, and I will complete them 1 by 1. I’m not going for achievements or trophies, but I am continuing to play on the 2nd to hardest difficulty since I have previously made a vow to myself to not play on anything lower.

The first game on the list was Burger Time World Tour. I had stopped playing this 1/4 of the way through out of boredom. It was a fun game, but the repetitive platformer was not holding my interest when I first played. Since I sat down with the mission in mind to complete it, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it’s varying levels and increased difficulty.

Next up, Super Mario Bros. Wii. I began this morning and stopped at the beginning of World 3. I will post again once completed.

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